Jazz Derby

Flawlessly designed for bold style, the Jazz Derby is sure to make a memorable impression. Characterized by its interweaved calfskin upper with single-channel black stitched construction, and guitar artwork on the outsole, it jazzes up any outfit. Offers all-day, unmatched comfort with its cushioned footbed so you can effortlessly move to the music of your soul.  

  • Interweaved calfskin leather upper
  • Single-channel black stitched construction
  • Fully leather lined
  • Lightly cushioned leather footbed 

  • Guitar embossing on the outsole
  • Sturdy waxed shoelaces 

Expertly Crafted

Blake Construction

Blake Stitching is an Italian method of construction that brings a sleek, clean finish to any wardrobe. To complete the Blake Stitch process, the upper component of the shoe is stretched around the insole with a single stitch binding it together. The stitching is intricately hidden on the inside of the shoe giving it a clean look while increasing the shoe's flexibility. A Blake Stitch allows for a lightweight walk without sacrificing durability or comfort.

Diagram of a Blake Stitch