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Retrogaming Arcade Cabinet

We’re pretty overt in our love of retro video games here at The Coolector and would love to see an old-school arcade machine taking pride of place in our headquarters. Well, as it transpires, we could make our own if this awesome looking Retrogaming Arcade Cabinet is anything to go by which is a wonderfully hand-crafted nod to the arcade consoles of yesteryear and we’re just wishing we had the DIY skills to match in order to make one of our own.

The Retrogaming Arcade Cabinet is the handiwork of Parse / Error AKA product designer, Fabian Bouchard, and is born from a real love of old school gaming classics. It has been a labour of love that has been accomplished through the use of excellent craftsmanship skills and new emulator technology which has permitted the designer to fill his cabinet chock full of some of the coolest and best loved gaming icons of the last 30 years.

Old School Cool

There is so much more than meets the eye with the Retrogaming Arcade Cabinet as it’s not merely a means of playing some of your favourite retro video games, it is also a bar and bookshelf in its own right and this extra dimension of functionality definitely sets it apart from the competition in our opinion here at The Coolector. Arcade enthusiasts are going to be in their element with this one because, through the use of a Raspberry Pi 3 and running with the open source system Recalbox, which delivers an eye-catching interface and boasts many emulators – MAME, NES, SNES, PSX, N64, NEO GEO, Megadrive – to name but a few, you’re never going to be short of a game to play.

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